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Roads, water, provision of amenities: Senators inspected the progress of infrastructure projects

06.05.2021 41

Senators Suindik Aldashev and Baktybai Chelpekov inspected the progress of infrastructure projects in the Tupkaragan district of the Mangistau region.

As part of the trip, the Senate deputies examined the construction of the motor road in the Zhana Ketik residential community which is scheduled to be commissioned at the end of this year. Given the importance of this project, the senators urged road builders to qualitatively carry out construction work and complete it in due time. 

“You can see how much attention is now given to the quality of roads. President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev has brought this issue under his tight control. There is a good speed of construction here. It is essential to keep it and to timely commission the road. This will greatly facilitate the lives of residents,” Baktybai Chelpekov said.

Moreover, the senators also inspected several other infrastructure facilities. These include two recently built distillation plants, that will help supply residents with good quality potable water, as well as the embankment area, the improvement of which was carried out under the “Roadmap to Employment” program. 

(Press Office of the Senate, 74-72-27)

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