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Industrial development is in the focus of senators’ attention

08.05.2021 345

Senators Zhenis Nurgaliyev and Sergei Karplyuk discusses the problems and prospects of development of the national automobile industry with the management of plants and enterprises of the sector. The meeting took place at the “AgromashHolding KZ” localization center in Kostanay. 

The deputies viewed the new production facilities where multipurpose shops for welding, painting, and production of components for agricultural equipment and vehicles were put into operation. The project was launched to enhance the localization of existing projects in the mechanical industry, located in the country, through the establishment of component base production. The senators were also demonstrated the new dormitory, canteen, and training center for the plant employees. 

Issues of concern were also brought up in the course of the discussion. Specifically, the plant workers requested consideration of the possibility to regulate the cost of metal in the country. The plant employees said that metal prices for some items have risen by 90% this year. And this, in turn, had a negative impact on the very cost of machinery manufactured in Kazakhstan. 

Moreover, given the real need of the national agriculturalists in machinery, the issues of allocation of additional funding under the Machine and Tractor Fleet Renovation Program of the Industrial Development Fund through financial lease of domestic machinery are also of current interest.

Press Office of the Senate, 74-72-27)

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