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Senate of the Parliament
of the Republic of Kazakhstan


Nariman Turegaliyev and Lyazzat Rysbekova met with farmers of Western Kazakhstan

14.07.2021 139

Deputies of the Senate Nariman Turegaliyev and Lyazzat Rysbekova met with the heads and employees of farm households of the Syrym, Terekta and Baiterek districts of the West Kazakhstan region.

Senators discussed the progress of work on forage conservation with farmers. The issue of rising prices for forage equipment and machinery was also raised during the meeting. The deputies noted that this issue is under control of the country's leadership; and senators, for their part, will also actively contribute to solving emerging problems. Furthermore, farmers are concerned about the fact that the rules for granting subsidies often change. This creates inconveniences for agricultural producers and does not allow them to plan their activities. The deputies noted the importance of considering this issue in the Senate.

Nariman Turegaliyev and Lyazzat Rysbekova also visited the Burlinsky and Chingirlau districts. During the meetings with the villagers, the senators told them about the ground rules of the laws adopted during the last session. The deputies also got acquainted with the course of construction of the roads, apartment building and sports complex. They reminded the contractors and the Akimat of the need to comply with the quality of construction works performed and effective control over the disbursement of allocated funds.

(Senate Press Service, 74-72-27)

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