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Senate of the Parliament
of the Republic of Kazakhstan


The course to strengthen the defense security of Kazakhstan

01.09.2021 48

In his Message to the People of Kazakhstan dated September 1, 2021, Head of State Kassym-Jomart Tokayev raised a number of topical issues that need to be resolved. To this end, the priority is designated for the socio-economic development of the country for the coming period. For this purpose, a Roadmap for development until 2025 will be adopted.

As a Senator of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Secretary of the Committee on International Relations, Defense and Security, I fully support the words of the President of Kazakhstan about the need to strengthen the defense capability. Improving the responsiveness to threats should also become a priority of national importance.

The current situation in Afghanistan is well known to everyone. When this happens in a country that is geographically close to us, the main task is not to lose vigilance and strengthen our security. Therefore, the Head of State paid special attention to the fact that we must be prepared for external threats and a possible worst-case scenario, an aggravation of the situation.

The events taking place in this country do not pose a direct threat to Kazakhstan, but, of course, they create certain risks. We see an increase in public concern and alarm about the situation in Afghanistan. In the conditions of the aggravation of the international situation, our law enforcement agencies should be as mobilized as possible. This implies certain tasks for all relevant departments of our law enforcement agencies, on the basis of which action plans of the state apparatus will be developed and adjusted.

Taking into account the general increase in global tension, the President of Kazakhstan sets the task of restarting the military-industrial complex and military doctrine. It is also necessary for military personnel to master civilian specialties.

Earlier, outlining the tasks for the Ministry of Defense, the President focused on the following: to fully implement all the priorities of the Concept of the Development of the Armed Forces until 2030, to continue measures to train management bodies for rapid response to threats to military security.

The Supreme Commander-in-Chief demanded to take decisive measures to ensure security at all ammunition depots and accelerate the construction of modern facilities for their storage away from populated areas. The corresponding funds should be provided within the framework of the National Project "Safe Country".

The senators will actively work on the implementation of the priorities and specific tasks announced in the Message.

Secretary of the Committee on International Relations,

Defense and Security

N. Nursipatov

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