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Olga Perepechina and Lyazzat Suleimen took part in the third Eurasian Women’s Forum

15.10.2021 326

The third Eurasian Women’s Forum was held in St. Petersburg on October 13-15, 2021. It was attended by deputies of the Senate of the Parliament of Kazakhstan Olga Perepechina and Lyazzat Suleimen, as well as Advisor to the Senate Speaker Zhanar Tulindinova.

The prime objective of the Forum is the consolidation of international cooperation for strengthening the role of women in achieving sustainable development goals, shaping women’s agenda, as well as new approaches to addressing global challenges in the new reality.

The Forum participants talked about such socially important issues as the role of women in ensuring global security, transition to new models of economic growth, development of health care, ecological problems, and other socially relevant topics.

In her speech during the plenary session, Lyazzat Suleimen pointed out that the Eurasian Women’s Forum is an important platform supporting global efforts for gender equality. Moreover, the senator spoke about the Kazakhstani model of national family and demographic policy.

“Kazakhstan has ratified and acceded to the major international documents on gender equality. The country has the appropriate developed legal and policy framework, guaranteeing the rights, legal support, action plans, and programs aimed at achieving gender equality.  Thus, for example, the Gender Equality Strategy for 2006-2016 has been implemented, and the Concept of Family and Gender Policy until 2030 is currently in force,” Lyazzat Suleimen said.

The Forum brought together women parliamentarians, representatives of executive authorities, international organizations, global corporations, the business sector, academia, social organizations, and charity projects, as well as eminent persons of the international women’s movement.

 (Press Office of the Senate, 74-72-27)

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