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Senate of the Parliament
of the Republic of Kazakhstan


Issues of customs administration improvement are discussed in the Senate

19.10.2021 42

Deputies of the Senate Committee on Finance and Budget held a meeting with representatives of government agencies, where they discussed the results of their field trip to the Almaty region. Specifically, senators raised questions related to the customs administration.

Secretary of the Committee Nurlan Kylyshbayev told about existing issues of concern in the capacity of checkpoints on the Kazakh-Chinese border.

“As part of the visit to the Almaty region, some problematic issues were identified regarding the increase in the capacity of the checkpoints, increase in exports of goods from Kazakhstan to China, development, and support of road transport, as well as the improvement of customs legislation,” Senator Nurlan Kylyshbayev said.

Vice-Minister of Finance Marat Sultangaziyev reported to senators on the need to work out the following issues: opening of Chinese checkpoints with increased imports of goods into the Republic of Kazakhstan, provision by the Chinese side of the reception of empty trailers, reception by the Chinese side of Kazakhstani export goods, improvement of the border railway infrastructure. Besides, the Vice-Minister noted that the Akimat of the Almaty region was instructed to take steps towards the creation of new jobs in the border area by expanding the industries with growth potential.

At the meeting, Vice-Minister of National Economy Azamat Amrin, Vice-Minister of Trade and Integration Kairat Torebayev, Deputy Akim of the Almaty region Zhenis Tuyakov, and other representatives of specialized organizations also made their reports.

To sum up, Senator Nurlan Kylyshbayev said that all the suggestions and comments made during the current meeting, as well as during the field meeting of the Committee in the Almaty region held at the end of September, will be sent to the national Government.

(Press Office of the Senate, 74-72-27. Photo by N. Baibulin)

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