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Senate of the Parliament
of the Republic of Kazakhstan


The bill “On the Republican Budget for 2022-2024” was presented in the Senate

21.10.2021 46

Today, the presentation of the bill “On the Republican Budget for 2022-2024” was held in the Senate Committee on Finance and Budget, chaired by Olga Perepechina.

According to the Vice Minister of Finance, it is planned that the total expenditures of the republican budget will amount to 15,9 trillion tenge in 2022, 15,6 trillion tenge in 2023, and about 16 trillion tenge in 2024. The discussion of this bill will be continued at meetings of the working groups and standing committees of the Senate, Olga Perepechina noted.

In addition, at the event, the forecast of the country’s social and economic development for 2022 - 2026 was announced, and the bill on a guaranteed transfer from the National Fund for the next three years was reviewed.

It was noted that the real GDP growth in 2022 is predicted at 3.9%, and in 2026 it will reach 5.2%. Revenues of the republican budget excluding transfers in 2022 are estimated to amount to 9.2 trillion tenge, in 2023 - 9.7 trillion tenge, in 2024 - 10.4 trillion tenge.

The Vice Minister of National Economy pointed out that the guaranteed transfer is suggested to be 2.4 trillion tenge in 2022, 2.2 trillion tenge in 2023, and 2.0 trillion tenge in 2024.

Additionally, senators heard a report on the monetary policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

In the course of the discussion of the bills, representatives of government agencies responded to senators’ questions on the financing of national projects, taking anti-inflationary measures, developing methods to evaluate budgetary subsidy programs, and others.

(Press Office of the Senate, 74-72-27. Photo by N. Baibulin)

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