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Problematic issues in the field of waste management were discussed in the Senate

22.12.2021 568

Deputies of the Senate Committee on Agrarian Issues, Environmental Management and Rural Development held a round table on the topic "On problematic issues in the field of waste management", which was attended by representatives of the Ministries of Ecology, Geology and Natural Resources, Internal Affairs, Industry and Infrastructure Development and others.

Opening the round table, the Chairman of the CommitteeAli Bektayev noted that the ongoing process of urbanization in Kazakhstan leads to an annual increase in the amount of solid household waste, especially in cities, therefore, the senator stressed, the adoption of systemic measures in this area is one of the urgent tasks for today.

"One of the most pressing problems is the complex solution of tasks related to the collection, sorting, disposal and processing of solid waste. It can be said that the main state documents and programs adopted in Kazakhstan do not have a comprehensive waste management system, which includes monitoring, processing and disposal of industrial and household waste. This is one of the main factors that has a negative impact on the environmental situation in the country," Ali Bektayev said.

Minister of the relevant departmentSerikkali Brekeshev agreed with the senators that it is important to systematically approach the solution of existing problems and informed the deputies about the work they are doing to improve the situation in this area. So, the Ministry is currently monitoring waste disposal sites in 35 large settlements. 7,328 natural landfills have already been identified, of which about 90% have been eliminated. However, the head of the department noted that the work of local executive bodies is not carried out at the proper level.

Ali Bektayev stressed that all the issues raised during the round table and the proposals voiced will be included in the list of recommendations and sent to responsible government agencies and departments.

(Senate Media Office, 74-72-27 Photo by - N.Baibulin)

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