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Mechanisms for the introduction of digitalization in the agricultural sector are being studied in the Senate

11.03.2022 382

The problems of introducing digital technologies into agriculture and ways to solve them were discussed today in the Senate by the deputies of the Committee on Agrarian Issues, Environmental Management and Rural Territories.

Digitization of the agro-industrial complex will help to reduce the cost of production, improve its quality and prevent corruption risks. This opinion, opening the work of the round table meeting held within the framework of the implementation of the tasks outlined in the President's Address to the People of Kazakhstan, was expressed by the Chairman of the Senate Committee Ali Bektaev.

"The problems identified during the study of digitalization of agricultural business processes are the absence of a unified land use base, an updated map of agricultural land, detailed information about all scientific achievements, developments and innovations in the field of agro-industrial complex. There is a problem of poor-quality Internet access in many agricultural enterprises of the country, especially in rural areas, this issue is very important and requires a comprehensive solution at the state level," Ali Bektayev said.

It should be noted that this meeting was preceded by a lot of work, when senators met with farmers directly in the regions, visited peasant farms and agricultural production. During such meetings, the imperfection of existing subsidy systems was noted, which limits the availability of state support for agricultural producers, especially small farmers.

In addition, as part of the preparatory work, the senators also visited the National Space Center, where they discussed the development of space monitoring of agricultural lands. During the round table meeting, it was noted that in 3 years the coverage of pasture lands by space monitoring amounted to 68% or 127.7 million hectares out of 188 million hectares of the total area of pastures throughout Kazakhstan.

During the event, proposals were also made to solve existing problems related to the introduction of digitalization in agriculture, which will be studied by senators and reflected in recommendations for the Government and interested government agencies.

(Senate Media Office, 74-72-27. Photo by - E.Ukibaev)

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