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Senate of the Parliament
of the Republic of Kazakhstan


Senators discussed the development of agricultural entrepreneurship and cooperation

20.05.2022 80

Deputies of the Senate Committee on Agrarian Affairs, Nature Management and Rural Development held a meeting on the development of agricultural entrepreneurship and cooperation.

The meeting was attended by Heads of the Ministries of Agriculture, Trade and Integration, JSC NMH Baiterek, NCE Atameken and Kazakh Research Institute of Economics and Development of Rural Areas.

In his welcome speech the Chairman of Profile Committee of the Senate Ali Bektaev noted the relevance of the topic for the agricultural industry of the country. He emphasized that it is entrepreneurship that determines the development of production and market.

Senator Olga Bulavkina also said that one of the priorities of the state agrarian policy is the development of the agro-industrial complex of Kazakhstan, which provides for the cooperation of agricultural producers, especially small businesses.

"Cooperation is aimed to promote the successful operation of agricultural formations, the union of small and medium-sized farms to jointly organize the production, storage, processing and marketing of products, the provision of the basic means of production, contributing to cost reduction in the production and delivery to the consumer, the balanced development of agriculture and the entire agroindustrial complex, "- she said.

The Senator also pointed out the reasons when such cooperation of agrarians was ineffective. According to her, it is due to the low level of trust, interest and awareness of farmers about the benefits of cooperation. Also among the reasons were weak material and technical equipment and low level of capitalization of cooperatives in the period of their establishment, as well as insufficient measures to stimulate development of cooperatives.

During the meeting there were listened the reports of relevant state organs and organizations about the state of affairs in the industry.

Thus, to improve the competitiveness of agro-industrial complex and development of entrepreneurship in the rural areas, the Ministry of Agriculture implements a set of measures of state support for agribusinesses. In particular, it was noted about availability of concessional leasing and crediting by "Baiterek" Holding. This year the planned volume of financial support of agribusiness subjects by subsidiaries of the Holding is 374,9 billion tenge.

Summing up the working meeting, senators stressed that the proposals and issues raised during the event will be under the constant supervision of the relevant committee of the Senate.

(Senate Press Service, 74-72-27)

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