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Senate of the Parliament
of the Republic of Kazakhstan


U.S. Congressmen Praised Kazakhstan's Reforms

02.09.2022 74

Chairman of the Senate of Kazakhstan Maulen Ashimbayev met with members of the U.S. Congress Jimmy Panetta and Thomas Suosi.

Maulen Ashimbayev pointed out that during the 30 years of diplomatic relations Kazakhstan and the United States successfully implemented joint projects and programs of bilateral cooperation in various spheres.

The Speaker of the Senate noted that the Parliament of Kazakhstan is interested in strengthening cooperation with the U.S. Congress in the coming period.

At the same time, Maulen Ashimbayev informed the Congressmen about the reforms taking place in Kazakhstan on the initiative of the President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev. The speaker told in details about democratization of political system of the country and new initiatives from the Address of the Head of the State, having noted strategic character of conducted transformations.

"Yesterday the Head of the State announced his annual Address to the people of Kazakhstan. It outlines further measures to reform the economy, social sphere of our country, development of the political system of Kazakhstan. In accordance with the main provisions of the Address, in the future we will adopt a large package of laws aimed at improvement of the legal system of Kazakhstan in various spheres", - said Maulen Ashimbayev.

During the meeting the interlocutors also discussed the historical event – the VII Congress of the Leaders of World and Traditional Religions.

"Today the Congress of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions is the most representative dialogue platform for the key confessions and international organizations. We can see that interest to activity of the Congress is growing," - underlined Maulen Ashimbayev.

Head of the Congress Secretariat Maulen Ashimbayev pointed out that currently about 100 heads of delegations from over 50 countries have already confirmed their participation in the Congress. A Declaration will be adopted by the results of the Congress to be distributed as an official document of the United Nations. The Declaration will reflect the most pressing world problems, global conflicts, geopolitical tensions, social problems, including the spread of moral and ethical values.

The Congressmen, in turn, praised Kazakhstan's contribution to ensuring inter-civilizational dialogue and strengthening peace and interaction between countries, and expressed appreciation for the detailed conversation on the prospects for inter-parliamentary cooperation.

(Senate Press Service, 74-72-27)


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