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The meeting of the deputy group " Onir" was held

08.09.2022 176

A meeting of the deputy group " Onir" chaired by Senator Yerik Sultanov was held at which the work plan for the upcoming session was discussed and approved.

During the meeting Yerik Sultanov noted that the President of the country Kassym-Jomart Tokayev emphasized that the Senate should become a Chamber that truly represents the interests of the country's regions. In this regard, Senator Sultanov noted that the members of the deputy group " Onir" should strengthen the work in terms of improving the regional policy and promote the level of their development.

At the same time, a new deputy head of the deputy group was elected at the meeting. Senator Gumar Dyusembaev became the new deputy head. Also, due to the fact that Nariman Toregaliev was previously elected as Chairman of the Committee for Socio-Cultural Development and Science he was replaced by Lyazzat Rysbekova, who joined the deputy group "Onir" from the West-Kazakhstan Region.

In addition, the deputy group was joined by Ainur Argynbekova, Galiaskar Sarybayev and Serik Shaydarov from Abay, Zhetysu and Ulytau Regions.

(Senate Press Service, 74-72-27. Photo: N.Baibulin)

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