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Maulen Ashimbayev and Ekaterina Shulman made a speech at the School of Analytics

21.01.2023 50

The trainees of the second stream of the School of Analytics started their studies. The initiative of the Young Experts Club under the Senate of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan to create this public project was previously supported by the Chairman of the Chamber Maulen Ashimbayev. Lecturers will be well-known Kazakhstani and foreign experts.

Speaking at the opening of the School of Analytics the Chairman of the Senate noted the importance of systematic development of critical thinking and the growing demand for quality analytics in all spheres. He emphasized that the Project proved to be in demand among experts, and the number of requests for the second stream had increased. In this connection it was decided to expand the number of trainees.

As Maulen Ashimbayev noted, the Project is aimed at strengthening of analytical approaches in public administration, social and humanitarian researches, media and other spheres. In this regard, the training process will be built around mastering the criteria, standards and specifics of quality analytics, as well as practicing the skills of writing analytical texts. This year the main topic of the training course will be "Regional development of Kazakhstan: problems and perspectives".

In his lecture, the Speaker of the Senate also focused on analytical methods and approaches in public administration. He also shared the formula of qualitative analytics and personal experience in research and improvement of practical skills.

"In Kazakhstan, on the initiative of the President of the country Kassym-Jomart Kemelevich Tokayev, large-scale political and socio-economic transformations were initiated. As a result of the Referendum the most important amendments were made to the Constitution. The process of reset and personnel renewal of all authorities has been launched. These are all fundamental processes that are transforming the political system and the economic and social spheres. But there is a lot of work ahead for our country to be democratic and socially prosperous. That's why we need personnel with profound knowledge, clear thinking, analytical skills to make right decisions", - said Maulen Ashimbayev, addressing to students of the school.

The Public Project "School of Analytics", according to the Chairman of the Senate, helps to improve analytical thinking skills, communicate with colleagues and expand networking.

"Working in analytics is about constant self-improvement. It is important to understand the details, to get to the point. Structure your thoughts.  Look for an interesting form of presenting your ideas. If you master structuring and high quality analysis of processes, improve your skills of professional texts preparation, if you are able to make arguments and convincing speeches you will increase your competitiveness and demand. I hope that our initiative - School of Analytics will help you to improve your professional skills," - said Maulen Ashimbayev.

Political scientist and publicist, expert on lawmaking Ekaterina Shulman also gave lecture on the first day. She emphasized the aspects of political forecasting in her lecture. In this connection, answering the questions of the audience, the political expert announced her forecast about possible scenarios of Kazakhstan development.

In his turn, Mr. Zhaksybek Kulekeev, public figure and scientific leader of the Center for Applied Economics Research, shared his vision and recommendations on what modern analysts should be like. The expert also focused on the impact of geopolitical problems on the oil and gas sector of the country as a whole.

Lectures are also expected from Andriy Baumeister, philosopher, professor at Kyiv National University, Alexander Baunov, publicist and researcher, Anastasia Likhacheva, dean of the Department of World Economy and World Politics at the Higher School of Economics, as well as Bauyrzhan Omarov, Advisor to the President, Academician of the National Academy of Sciences, Berik Abdygaliyev, Akim of Ulytau Region and political scientist, famous Kazakhstani experts Gulmira Ileuova, Daniyar Ashimbayev, Marat Shibutov, Gaziz Abishev and others. Video lectures by the experts will be publicly available on the official YouTube channel of the School of Analytics https://www.youtube.com/@SchoolofAnalytics.

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