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Amendments to the Law on the Republican Budget for 2023-2025 are being discussed in the Senate

13.03.2023 115

Deputies of the Senate Committee on Finance and Budget discussed the draft Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Amendments and Additions to the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On the Republican Budget for 2023-2025” at an expanded meeting.

At the meeting, it was noted that in order to implement the tasks set by the Head of State, changes were made to the Forecast of socio-economic development of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2023-2027 in terms of clarifying the forecast of budget parameters for 2023.

Thus, the bill provides for an increase in republican budget expenditures by more than 2 trillion tenge, which will be directed to the development of regions and infrastructure, the energy industry, and agriculture.

In addition, according to the information announced at the meeting of the Committee, the additional funds allocated will be used to further develop the network of affordable and high-quality education, medicine, the development of digitalization and increase the social security of citizens.

As a result of the extended meeting, the deputies decided to send the bill for consideration by the Chamber.

(Press service of the Senate, 74-72-27. Courtesy of B.Serikbay)


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