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The Chairman of the Senate voted in the Parliamentary elections

19.03.2023 152

Chairman of the Senate of the Parliament Maulen Ashimbaev voted in the elections of deputies of the Mazhilis of the Parliament and Maslikhats of the Republic of Kazakhstan, casting his vote at polling station No. 111 in the building of the National Library in the capital.

Maulen Ashimbaev noted that as a result of systemic transformations in recent years, the entire political structure of the country and the paradigm of socio-political relations have undergone a radical transformation.

In addition, the Chairman of the Chamber stressed that this year the elections to the Mazhilis and maslikhats are held in accordance with new realities and tasks.

“In these elections, Kazakhstani people got the opportunity to vote for candidates for deputies of the Majilis in single-mandate constituencies. In addition, by lowering the party registration threshold, new parties are participating in these elections. The election campaign was competitive, lively and open. This shows that the political reforms initiated by the President of the country Kassym-Jomart Kemelevich Tokayev are relevant, timely and in demand. I call on the people of Kazakhstan to support systemic transformations in the country, come to the polling stations and cast their vote in the elections to the Mazhilis and maslikhats,” Maulen Ashimbayev emphasized.

It should be noted that the necessary measures have been taken in the country to conduct elections in full compliance with the legislation of Kazakhstan and international standards in the field of organization and conduct of elections. 12 international organizations and more than 700 observers from 41 countries are accredited to observe the course of the elections.

(Press service of the Senate, 74-72-27. Courtesy of N. Baibulin)


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