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Senators considered the proposal of the President on the dismissal of a judge of the Supreme Court

04.05.2023 68

Under the chairmanship of the Speaker of the Senate of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan Maulen Ashimbayev, a meeting of the Chamber was held, at which the senators considered the proposal of the Head of State on the dismissal of a judge of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the law on the ratification of the international Agreement and voiced their deputy requests.

Because of her transfer to another job, Dana Tokmyrzina was relieved of her post as a judge of the Supreme Court. The corresponding decision was made by the senators during the consideration of the submission of the President of the country Kassym-Jomart Tokayev. The issue was previously discussed at a meeting of the Senate Committee on Constitutional Legislation, the Judicial System and Law Enforcement Agencies.

Also, during the meeting, the senators considered and approved the Law “On ratification of the Agreement on the specifics of the application of enforcement of the obligation to pay customs duties, taxes, special, anti-dumping, countervailing duties during the transportation (transportation) of goods in accordance with the customs procedure of customs transit”.

It is expected that the ratification of the Agreement will contribute to the development of the transit potential of the EAEU and improve the conditions for the transportation of goods. The agreement regulates legal relations in the field of payment of mandatory customs and other payments when transporting goods within the framework of the Eurasian Economic Union. The document provides for the simplification of certain customs procedures for participants in foreign economic activity. Thus, the Agreement should have a positive impact on the formation of a unified system for the transit of goods within the EAEU.

In addition, the senators voiced their parliamentary requests.

Saken Arubaev made a proposal to amend the Land Code. According to the senator, first of all, this is necessary to solve problems with a shortage of pastures near villages, as well as to secure the status of fish farms to receive subsidies.

Zakirzhan Kuziev expressed concern about the lack of textbooks in linguistic schools where the languages of the ethnic groups of Kazakhstan are studied. According to the deputy, the problem concerns schools with Uzbek, Uighur, Tajik and German languages of instruction.

Akmaral Alnazarova focused on the problems of reorganizing the Anti-Plague Service into a separate institution. Instead, as noted by the deputy, it is necessary to speed up the transfer of the Republican State Enterprise on REM "National Scientific Center for Especially Dangerous Infections named after. M. Aykimbaeva" to the holding "QazBioPharm".

Raising the problems of rural medicine, Sovetbek Medebaev noted the effectiveness of the project "Quality and affordable healthcare for every citizen "Healthy Nation", implemented in the Merke district hospital of the Zhambyl region. According to the deputy, similar regional programs should be implemented throughout the country.

(Press service of the Senate, 74-72-27. Courtesy of N. Baibulin)

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