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The law on customs control of energy resources across the Kazakh-Uzbek border was approved by senators

28.09.2023 19

A meeting of the Chamber was held under the chairmanship of the Speaker of the Senate of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Maulen Ashimbaev. Senators reviewed and approved the law on joint customs control of energy resources across the Kazakh-Uzbek customs border, as well as a number of organizational issues of the Chamber’s activities.

Opening the meeting, the Speaker of the House noted that in accordance with the Decree of the Head of State, the parliamentary powers of Senator Askar Shakirov, Chairman of the Senate Committee on International Relations, Defense and Security, were terminated. In accordance with constitutional norms, the Central Election Commission adopted a corresponding resolution.

The Speaker of the Senate noted that Askar Shakirov worked as Deputy Chairman of the Senate, Chairman of the Committee, and expressed gratitude to him for the work done.

The deputies also considered the issue of terminating the powers of Senator Gauez Nurmukhambetov, who, in accordance with the Decree of the President of the country, was appointed akim of the North Kazakhstan region. In this regard, the Central Election Commission submitted a corresponding submission to the Chamber for consideration.

“Gauez Nurmukhambetov was elected to the Senate at the beginning of this year, he initiated bills, and actively participated in resolving important issues of concern to the population through parliamentary requests,” – said Maulen Ashimbaev.

In addition, during the meeting of the Chamber, Senate deputy Darkhan Kydyrali, previously appointed by the Decree of the Head of State, took the oath and was elected to the Senate Committee on International Relations, Defense and Security. The deputies elected Senator Andrei Lukin, who previously worked as the Chairman of the Committee on Constitutional Legislation, the Judicial System and Law Enforcement Agencies, as the Chairman of this Committee. In this regard, the senators also voted for the appointment of Senator Nurlan Beknazarov to the position of Chairman of the Constitutional Committee.

The Law “On the ratification of the Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan on joint customs control when moving energy resources across the Kazakh-Uzbek customs border by pipeline transport and along power lines”, approved by the Senate deputies, determines the procedure and terms of customs control. During the meeting, it was noted that ratification of the Agreement helps to increase the efficiency of control over energy resources and strengthen trade and economic cooperation between countries.

During the meeting, the senators also voiced their parliamentary requests.

Sultanbek Makezhanov proposed increasing funding for the real sector of the country's economy, money for which, according to the senator, is now allocated on a residual basis.

Bibigul Zheksenbai outlined the problems of financing hospitals and clinics by the Social Health Insurance Fund. All this negatively affects the quality of treatment and does not allow medical organizations to develop.

Zakirzhan Kuziev, raising the problems of peasant farms involved in milk production, voiced a number of proposals aimed at supporting domestic agricultural producers.

Aigul Kapbarova focused on the infrastructural problems of the development of Shymkent, relating to the construction of engineering infrastructure, roads and a rehabilitation center for people with disabilities.

Murat Kadyrbek outlined the risks of delaying the gasification program in the Turkestan region due to a lack of funding.

Galiaskar Sarybaev proposed to more actively encourage Kandas to move to their historical homeland, as well as to help ethnic Kazakhs living abroad maintain and develop national traditions and values.

(Press Office of the Senate, 74-72-27. Photo by: N.Baibullin)

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