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Senators discussed issues of development of the electricity industry in Kazakhstan

29.11.2023 193

Deputies of the Senate Committee on Economic Policy, Innovative Development and Entrepreneurship held an offsite meeting on the functioning of the model of Single Purchaser of Electric Energy.

It is worth noting that the Single Purchaser of Electric Energy is the «Settlement and Financial Center for the Support of Renewable Energy Sources» LLP, which daily carries out the planned purchase of electric energy one day in advance from domestic power plants through centralized bidding on the electronic platform of « Kazakhstan Electricity and Capacity Market Operator» JSC.

«The main purpose of today’s event is to discuss current issues of the functioning of the new model of centralized purchase and sale of electrical energy, effective from July 1, 2023, within the framework of the adopted Law on Administrative Reform», - noted Suindik Aldashev.

During the meeting, the participants discussed the functioning of the country's electric power system within the framework of the new market model, and also discussed the range of tasks necessary for further improvement of the Single Purchaser model.

Representatives of the Ministry of Energy, «KEGOC» JSC and «Settlement and Financial Center for Support of Renewable Energy Sources» LLP also spoke at the event.

In addition, Senate deputies got acquainted with the progress of centralized online trading of electrical energy, as well as with the activities of the National Dispatch Center of the System Operator.

(Press service of the Senate, 74-72-27. Photo - A. Baizhumanov)

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