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Senators met with young scientists

07.12.2023 111

Members of the Committee on Social and Cultural Development and Science of the Senate of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan discussed the development of science with industry experts and young scientists.

The meeting was held in preparation for the round table on the theme «Development of domestic science and scientific and technological progress", in order to implement the President's Address «Economic course of Fair Kazakhstan».

«Today, the country pays special attention to the development of science and scientific activity. The main task today in this area is to train highly qualified personnel. The development of domestic science is also given great attention within the walls of the Senate of the Parliament. The main purpose of today's meeting is to discuss issues and proposals for improving the state of science in the country. We, the deputies of the Senate, are ready, in turn, to consider and support such constructive proposals and come out with legislative initiatives and recommendations addressed to state bodies, including by voicing deputy requests», - said Nurtore Jusip.

The senators were also presented with the master plan for the development of the University. The senators also got acquainted with the work of the battery laboratory and the laboratory of the Institute for Intelligent Systems and Artificial Intelligence.

(Press Service of the Senate, 74-72-27. Photo – A. Bayzhumanov)

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