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"Onir" deputy group


Ladies and gentlemen!

Welcome to our official web page of the Onir deputy group of the Senate of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The Onir deputy group is a voluntary deputy association and is formed for joint exercise of its powers to facilitate development of regions.

According to the long-term “Kazakhstan-2050” Strategy, one of the key tasks of the state is regional development.

As global experience shows, regions have different levels of social and economic development due to differences in geographic location, climatic conditions, demographic situation, development history and other factors.

Therefore, each state seeks to improve the living standards in its regions, that is, to pursue a regional policy aimed at raising the level of their development.

The deputy group aims to provide assistance in ensuring efficient and harmonious development of the regions through development of recommendations, monitoring to improve legislation on regional development issues, and interaction with deputies of maslikhats.

We are actively cooperating with the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, ministries and local executive and representative bodies on further improvement of the current legislation on regional development.

I hope that our joint legislation improvement efforts will facilitate further development of the social and economic situation in the regions.