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The Senate of the Parliament congratulates media workers on their professional holiday!

26.06.2020 64

On the eve of the Media Workers Day, the Senate of the Parliament summarized the results of the competitions for journalists “Amanat” and “Tugan El”. Correspondents and journalists of republican and regional TV channels, printed media, bloggers and authors of telegram channels took part in them.

Speaker of the Senate Maulen Ashimbayev expressed his gratitude to the participants and prize-winners for objective coverage of the legislative activity of the House, as well as for the unconventional approach in information support of the national agenda of our country.

“Last year, at the initiative of President of Kazakhstan K.Tokayev, a professional holiday for journalists, the Media Workers Day, was approved in our country. This shows a high appreciation of the work of all those people who impartially and promptly inform citizens about the events occurring in the country and ongoing reforms. In these challenging times, journalists, side by side with medical officers, law enforcement officials and volunteers, are at the forefront in the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic. In spite of the existing risks, they are doing their job efficiently so that the people of Kazakhstan receive only verified and unbiased information. The activities of national journalists deserve high appreciation and public recognition,” Maulen Ashimbayev emphasized.

The Speaker of the Senate also stated that the materials submitted to the competitions “Amanat” and “Tugan El” were performed to a high professional standard. According to him, the legislative activities, senators’ inquiries and numerous parliamentary events throughout the entire session served as a publicity opportunity for the creation of interesting television stories, detailed analytical articles and investigative reportings. 

The works of the competitioners were assessed by expert commissions consisting of deputies of the Senate, distinguished writers and journalists. It should be pointed out that a number of special awards were also launched by the decision of the competition commissions.


The Grand Prix holder became Ongar Tokanov, a correspondent of “Qazaqstan” TV channel. The first prize was awarded to Zhadra Zhulmukhametova, a correspondent of “Informburo” news agency. The second prize was given to Laura Tusupbekova, a correspondent of the “Kazakhstanskaya Pravda” newspaper. The third prize was won by Tatyana Kovalyova, a correspondent of the “Zakon.kz web-portal. 


The highest award, the Grand Prix, was conferred on Azamat Kassymov, a correspondent of the “Egemen Qazaqstan” newspaper. The first prize was awarded to the staff of the “Senate Online” TV project of the “First Channel Eurasia”. The second prize went to Mirlan Altynbek, a correspondent of the “Khabar 24” TV channel. The third prize was taken by Amirbolat Khussayan, a correspondent of the “Azattyq Ruhy” news agency.

By the decision of the competition commissions, special awards were also launched for bloggers, authors of popular publications and original news materials.  They are:

- Gaziz Abishev - the author of the “Abishev Analytics” telegram channel;

- Ivan Sukhorukov and Roman Pavlov - a journalist and video-engineer of the “Tengrinews” website;

-   Ulpan Begalina   a correspondent  of the “Atameken business” channel;

-  Aikhan Sharipov a journalist of the “AIQYN” newspaper;

-  Syrym Itkulov the editorial director of “Hola news”;

-   The team of the Internet projects Ainewsand Aitube.kz.

The organizers would like to thank all the participants for showing their interest in the competitions. In view of the continuing threat of the spread of COVID-19, the traditional meeting with journalists and the ceremony of honoring the prize-winners was postponed until the autumn of 2020. 

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