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Senate of the Parliament
of the Republic of Kazakhstan


Increase in the amount of social allowances is discussed in the Senate

14.09.2021 98

At the meeting of the Senate Committee on Social and Cultural Development and Science, deputies discussed the bill aimed at enhancing the social protection of certain categories of citizens.

The document spells out amendments and additions to the existing Law, namely the introduction of allowances to people who care for persons with disabilities of group I, the assessment of disability groups from 7 to 18 years with an increase in the amount of allowances, the granting of rights to simultaneous receipt of state social allowances and more.

“The bill aims to improve the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan on social protection of people with special needs, to support families who raise children with disabilities, to increase the amount of state social allowances, to improve the issues of pension coverage, employment of the population and social insurance,” Nariman Turegaliyev said.

Besides that, the document prescribes mechanisms for simplifying the procedure of registration of the unemployed with the labor exchange and obtaining the status of an unemployed person.

Following the meeting of the Committee, senators decided to pass this bill to the House for consideration.

 (Press Office of the Senate, 74-72-27, Photo by E. Ukibayev)

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