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Senator Kul-Muhammad discussed the upcoming Referendum with National Defense University personnel

12.05.2022 290

The Chairman of the Senate Committee on International Relations, Defense and Security Mukhtar Kul-Mukhammed met with the personnel of the National Defense University named after the First President of Kazakhstan.

The Senator told students and teaching staff at the military institution about the upcoming Referendum on constitutional amendments, adding that the amendments affect one-third of the articles of the Basic Law.

"In particular, it establishes a ban on membership in political parties during the President's term of office. Close relatives of the President are prohibited to hold leadership positions in state bodies and subjects of quasi-state sector. The order of formation and strengthening of powers of representative bodies will also be democratized. Besides, the relevant draft law contains an important provision stipulating that the land and its subsoil, waters, flora and other natural resources belong to the people of Kazakhstan in the Constitution," said Senator Kul-Muhammed.

In the course of the meeting servicemen voiced questions relating to other constitutional amendments, including those related to the mechanism for protecting the rights of citizens. Responding to questions, the Senator stressed that existing measures would be greatly strengthened.

"In order to strengthen the mechanism for protecting the rights of citizens, a Constitutional Court will be formed, where citizens will be able to apply concerning the compliance of normative legal acts, directly affecting their rights and freedoms, with the Basic Law. From now on the death penalty is completely prohibited, the status of the Commissioner for Human Rights, whose activities will be governed by constitutional law," added the Senator.

Besides, the participants of the meeting discussed the amendments to the Constitution regarding the increase of people's participation in the government of the country, change of the role and status of the Parliament and others. 

(Senate Press Service, 74-72-27. Photo by N. Baibulin)

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