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Senator Kurtayev: Villagers need a separate housing program

13.04.2021 32

A round table themed “On the improvement of state programs for housing and communal development and certain issues of their implementation” was held in the Senate. The meeting was moderated by Chairman of the Senate Committee on Economic Policy, Innovative Development, and Entrepreneurship Dauren Adilbekov.

Kairbek Uskenbaev, the first vice minister of industry and infrastructure development of the country, in his speech, noted that there has been a positive trend in housing construction in recent years.

“Upon the results of 2020, 15.3 million square meters of housing were built in the republic. Investments in housing construction increased by 33.6% compared to 2019 and amounted to 2 trillion KZT. For 1 KZT of state funds, 5 KZT of private investments were attracted,” Kairbek Uskenbayev said.

However, according to Senator Alimzhan Kurtayev, despite the successful implementation of state housing programs, they remain inaccessible to villagers.

“In general, in recent years, government programs related to the housing sector have been quite successful. But villagers need a separate housing program because now there is no opportunity to implement existing housing programs in the countryside,” Alimzhan Kurtayev said.

The senator has also pointed to the urgency of such a problem as a violation of the law by unscrupulous developers in the field of shared housing construction. Over the past 2 years, 123 such companies have been identified. Alimzhan Kurtayev offered his solution to this problem.

“Financially unstable companies openly attract deposits from the population through various cooperatives, unions, contributions, promising high-quality and cheap housing. At the same time, no one guarantees the completion of housing construction. We propose to develop a simple, open, and understandable rating of construction companies that have the right to attract equity deposits from the population. For companies with a stable financial level, the existing guarantee mechanism will be preserved,” Alimzhan Kurtayev said.

The meeting was also attended by representatives of the banking, business, and construction sectors.

(Press Service of the Senate, 74-72-27. Photo Y. Ukibayev)

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