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Senators met with journalists of “Kazakh Gazetteri”

05.05.2021 42

A group of deputies of the Senate of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan met with the team of “Kazak Gazetteri”. At the meeting with the editors-in-chief of the publications, Nurtore Zhussip, Lyazzat Suleimen, Dinar Noketayeva, and Sultanbek Makezhanov were informed of the topical problems of the mass media. In their turn, the deputies themselves told the journalists on the legislative activity of the House, and on the Parliamentary hearings arranged by the Senate, which focused on the promotion of national values.

“The conventional media are at the forefront of promoting national values today. They raise questions about the development of the Kazakh language, national culture, literature, and history at the national and regional levels. The Government, for its part, should monitor the problems published by a variety of media outlets and address them step by step,” Nurtore Zhussip said. The senator also praised the active work of journalists at the time of the pandemic. He believes that the dedicated service of the media workers has not been given the attention it deserves. 

“In the period of the pandemic, doctors and teachers have always been right on the front lines. They have received great social assistance and financial support. And journalists? They also put their lives at risk, being on the front lines, sharing information, and working in the midst of events. Last year, for instance, we lost so many good journalists and writers during the first wave of the pandemic,” Zhussip Nurtore noted.

The participants of the meeting talked about national education, preservation of the language, and national identity from the perspective of globalization. They also raised issues of land relations, the development of childhood literature, and press subscriptions. 

The senators expressed gratitude to the editorial team for promoting national values and invited them to discuss these essential issues in the future as well. The deputies also assured that all the questions brought up by journalists will be taken into due consideration.

(Press Office of the Senate, 74-72-27)

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