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Senators discussed the bill on increasing the protection of animals

14.12.2021 414

Punishment for cruelty to animals will be tightened. Today, senators discussed the bill “On Responsible Treatment of Animals” at an extended session of the Committee on Agrarian Issues, Nature Management and Rural Development.

The bill is primarily aimed at the legal regulation of social relations as regards the responsible treatment of animals for their protection, ensuring the safety, rights, and other legitimate interests of citizens in the treatment of animals, as well as to strengthening morality and adherence to the principles of public humanity in the treatment of animals.

The task of the document is the strengthening of the protection of animals from cruelty, suffering, and death, the prohibition of propaganda of cruelty against animals in all media, as well as several other requirements in the field of protection of domestic animals.

As part of the meeting, deputies also discussed the related bills “On Making Amendments and Additions to Certain Legislative Acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the Responsible Treatment of Animals” and “On Making Amendments and Additions to the Code of Administrative Violations of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the Responsible Treatment of Animals”. By the results of the extended meeting, the bills were decided to be submitted to the House for consideration.

(Press Office of the Senate, 74-72-27. Photo by N. Baibulin)

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