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Senator Lyazzat Suleimen take part in the International Forum on Gender and Youth

28.11.2019 102

Member of the Senate of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan Lyazzat Suleimen took part in the International Forum "Development of Partnership on Gender and Youth in the XXI Century" in Tashkent.

Speaking on “Improving the legislation in the field of family gender policy in the Republic of Kazakhstan”, Lyazzat Suleimen noted that, thanks to the political will of the Elbasy, a number of important reforms aimed at improving the efficiency of the national gender policy were implemented in Kazakhstan within a very short period.

The Senator described in detail the key transformations carried out in Kazakhstan and the progress at the legislative, institutional and practical levels in the field of family and gender policy.

L. Suleimen emphasized the role of the National Commission for Women and Family Demographic Policy, established by the Presidential Decree. “Thanks to the personal initiative and support of the Head of State to the issues of social protection of family, motherhood and childhood, and political and economic advancement of women, it has become an efficient platform for a dialogue between the authorities, civil society and international organizations,” she said.

According to the Human Development Report of the UN Development Program, Kazakhstan ranked 58th in the Gender Development Index in 2018.

According to the member of the Committee on Constitutional Legislation, Judicial System and Law Enforcement Agencies L. Suleimen, much yet remains to be done to strengthen the leading role of women in ensuring peace and security, and empowerment. Large-scale changes are needed that will have a positive impact, first of all, on the life and well-being of women in our country.

“At the same time, a draft law on family and gender policy has been developed, which is initiated by members of the Parliament and is currently undergoing approval by the legislative body. One of the key changes introduced by the draft law is the expansion of the concepts of “direct and indirect discrimination”, “gender equality,” the deputy noted.

Senator L. Suleimen handed out a booklet “The Family and Gender Policy of Kazakhstan: Achievements and Prospects” to the forum participants.

Relevant recommendations were adopted at the end of the international forum.

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